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Ronald Davis – Hinge Series, 2001 2001
Violet and Green Hinge, 2001

Violet and Green Hinge, 2001
34 5/8 x 18 1/2 inches, 88.4 x 47.0 cm
Golden Acrylics on shaped bevel-out expanded PVC
Hinge Series (PTN 1053 )

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I like V and G Hinge — the more I look at it the more it's just sublime. It's minimal but it's so pretty, and the illusion is just there on the edge of subtlety, tickling your mind, ALMOST making you think, but because it is perfect and beautiful, you don't "need" to Think. . . GOD THAT'S IT, there's this very special Place, isn't there!? Kind of elusive, but so simple, yet not so accessible. . . it's like the diffuse awareness of a deer in a clearing at dusk. The artist has to find that quiet little, lonely little forest-edge of tension, right on the very cusp of emotion and thought, just that thing that makes a painting zing, and makes it BEAUTIFUL without belaboring it — and you know what? That's enough!

Barbara Bentley

Digital Violet-Green Hinge, 2002


This is another version of Violet and Green Hinge – modeled, shadowed, and rendered in Cinema 4DXL 7.3, and then "painted" in Photoshop 6.0.1 on my Mac G4. It was digitally painted after I painted the original. (1/26/02)
It is not a photo!