Ronald Davis
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Ron Davis – Ring, 1968
Currently on display in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC
January–September 2007

Ring, 1968, 60 1/2 x 132 inches (shaped), Moulded Polyester Resin and Fiberglass, Dodecagon Series, (PTG 0055), Collection: Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Ring, 1968
The Ron Davis piece, Ring, 1968, is up in the MoMA lobby.  It is hanging about 10 feet high on the wall behind the information desk. So many people are going to look at it – hope they don't wear it out.
Ring, 1968
MoMA Entry With Ring, 1968
Ring, 1968 at MoMA
The cell-phone photos below were surreptitiously captured in the lobby of MoMA, courtesy of artist Noah Landfield.