Jackson Pollock, Summertime, 1948
Jackson Pollock, Summertime, 1948
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These are the excellent artists whose work is important and influential to the artists upon whom the abstract-art.com site focuses.
Without them we would be nowhere. It must start with the work of Jackson Pollock, America's greatest painter.

Jackson Pollock 1. Blue Poles, 1952
2. Lavender Mist, 1950
3. She-Wolf, 1943
4. Number 32, 1950
5. Painting by Numbers
6. Going West, ca. 1934-35

William Baziotes

Ronald Davis

Edward Dugmore

John Ferren

Albert Kotin

Ad Reinhardt

Scepter, 1960-61

Ives One, 1962

Untitled 15.

Greenock, 1958

Untitled, 1966 Tropic, 1959 Untitled, 1950

Painting, 1954-58

Augustus Vincent Tack Beautiful.
Franz Kline, 2, 3, 4. First generation Abstract Expressionist.
Robert Motherwell Abstract Expressionist.
Hans Hofmann Abstract Expressionist.
NewspacerClyfford Still, 2, 3, 4. Abstract Expressionist.
Mark Tobey Northwest Abstract Expressionist.
Adolph Gottleib Abstract Expressionist.
Mark Rothko, 2. An Abstract Expressionist who really used color.
Barnett Newman, 2. Abstract Expressionist and Colorfield Painter.
Philip Guston, 2. Abstract Expressionist.
Herbert Bayer Modern.
Max Bill, 2. Architect, painter, sculptor, politician, educationalist, writer, in short, a 'universal creator'.
Isamu Noguchi Sculptor.
Alfred Jensen A Periodic Table.
Joan Miró Late in his life Miró embraced Lyrical Abstraction.
Jon Schuler Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Edward Dugmore Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Edward Corbett, 2, 3. Second Wave Abstract Expresionist.
Jack Jefferson, 2. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist.
Frank Lobdell, 2, 3. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist.
Fred Martin, 2, 3, 4. San Francisco Abstract Expressionist and teacher.
Richard Diebenkorn, 2. One of the best of the left coast.
Morris Louis, 2. Inventor of Lyrical Abstraction.
Helen Frankenthaler The "bridge" between Pollock and the rest of us.
Jules Olitski Sprayed.
Sam Francis The other of the best of the left coast.
Joan Mitchell A latter painting by one of the "second generation" of abstract expressionists.