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the_Artchivethe Artchive contains over 2,000 scans of paintings from Cave Painting to Warhol. Highly Recommended!
art_resource Art Resource —The world's largest photo archive of fine art, from prehistory to the present. Over three million transparencies and black & white photos of painting, sculpture, architecture and the minor arts.
Witcomb Home Page Chris Witcombe's ART HISTORY RESOURCES ON THE WEB Twentieth-Century Art: A comprehensive noncommercial listing of Art and Artists Sites, truly a researchers delight.
John Berggruen Gallery
Gemini G. E. L Catalogue

Artcritical.com: David Cohen, a writer and critic

Art has many champions, criticism few. There is a story of a young musician bewailing the state of criticism to Jean Sibelius. The venerable Finnish composer smiled ruefully and pondered aloud: "In what great city is there a statue of a critic?" Artcritical is not intended as anyone's monument. Primarily it is the home of a magazine that seeks to take advantage of the possibilities of the web to establish a new dynamic in criticism. A kind of criticism that is directed by the immediacy, democracy, and fluidity of Internet technology.

From the Mayor's Doorstep, Piri Halasz From the Mayor’s Doorstep — A chatty monthly column of art criticism and commentary on the contemporary art scene by critic Piri Halasz.  
Agora Gallery. Soho
Contemporary fine art gallery located in Soho, New York City. Art consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Exhibitions of paintings, sculpture and photography. Artist portfolios are reviewed. http://www.Agora-Gallery.com
Gallery One, Toronto Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Harwood Museum          Located in Taos, New Mexico
Butler Instutute of American Art Located in Youngstown, Ohio
Abstract Art Repository
Lyrical Abstraction and Abstract Illusionism
Ron Davis' www site devoted to Contemporary Art. Main Repository of Abstract-Art.com galleries and history. This site features Lyrical Abstration and Abstract Illusionism.
kleinart.com site An excellent site representing this Chicago gallery.
Abstract Art OnLine Abstract Art Online Covers the New York Scene including reviews.
artmuseum.net Official Intel sponsered experimental art sites.
Dennis Holloway Architecture: Solar, Virtual Reality, and Native American Archaeology, Dennis Holloway - Architect
Sheldon Sheldon Art Gallery
Artlex - Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism

ArtScene site Art Galleries and Museums of Southern California

askart.comTruly amazing site listing tens of thousands of North American artists, linking each artist with numerous subject categories (dealers, museums holding work, auction prices, biographies. book and periodical references) and featuring a number of interesting categorical assortments and other details. They even have the value per square inch of highest auction price of an artist's work!
Royal Academy of Art
SAAMNational Museum of American Art
Salander-O'Reilly Gallery

San Francisco Museum of Art

artincontext Art in Context — Comprehensive art resource on the World Wide Web.
Artwise_logo Artwise Sculpture Gallery , from Australia
Ken Terry Fenton's site devoted to Kenneth Noland  
The Art Page of taoswebb.com/art
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