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Nicholas Wilder was the visionary art dealer who showed the best, then closed his gallery and began painting at the age of forty-two.
Abstract Expressionist
"But personal experience, in my opinion, is only a progenitor of art, not the art itself."
Dallas Abstract Impressionist.
Bay Area Abstract Illusionist.
Porcelain Ceramic Sculptor.
Las Vegas Painter.
Car Painter
Long time Venice, California Painter.
Iron sculptor.
Abstract Rug.
A "macho" minimalist.
San Francisco Bay Area printmaker-painter.
A quiet force in the San Francisco Bay Area school of art.
Lyrical Abstract.
"Geometric Abstraction"
Klee Time
Lot's of scumble.
Tell me about chores .... I live on a 170 acre farm in the Hudson valley ....
Abstract painting from Ireland.Tell me about chores.....
I live on a 170 acre farm in the Hudson valley.......
Stephen Beveridge is an internationally collected Scottish born artist living and working in New York City.
Callifornia mimimalist who got thick and oily.
California Sculptor.
Long Drips.
Herriott's Credo Theory is to have an idea — solid thinking . . .
Takes Refuge in NYC & Berkely.
Abstract Realism.
Stain Painter.
Recent Painting.
Optical Art from Europe.
Older Dutch artist.
Cross over.
Philosophical knot.
Abstractionist whose work is often inspired by nature.
Abstract Expressionist living in Sante Fe. "marks" basically come out of nowhere & don't need a goal. . .
Student at the Art Students League, NYC
Wonderful texture from this Spanish artist.
Long time Taos, NM artist.
A bunch of his planks.
SF Bay Area abstractionist.
Los Angeles Minimal Painter
Stain painted "balls" from the sixties.
Not Hard Edge or Minimalist.
Hot from New York, 2001.
An interesting abstractionist.
Pioneer modernist abstractionist.
60's abstractionist.
Crusty abstractionist.
Stripe Painter.
Shimmering abstraction.
Lesser known first generation Abstract Expressionist.
Shaped stained painting.
Transendental "Dynamic Painting."
Woodie Goodie.
The webmaster of wanted to be in the More Artists Gallery too.
Influential California second-generation abstract expressionist. Instructor at both Otis Art Institute and Cal Arts, LA
A Line painting from 1994.
Powerful combination of lyrical abstraction and hard-edge illusionism; defies 60s clichés.
Internationally recognized Greenbergian abstract painter; also a teacher and a prolific writer.
Early work by this important abstract illusionist whose work evolved into more hard-edge, geometric, illusionistic forms.
Strong second generation Abstractionist.
Overlooked abstract expressionist.
Influential Abstract Sculptor.
A painting by the long time Lyrical Abstractionist.
Lyrical Minimalist painter.
Excellent near-abstract painter.
Canadian Greenbergian painter.
LA sculptor who works in clay.
A Recent painting by the Lyrical Abstractionist.
Murray was one of the pioneering generation of minimal painters from the sixties.
Abstract Expressionist painting bold shapes.
Long time sculptor.
Neglected Taos, NM modernist.
Another neglected Taos, NM modernist.
Long time Taos resident was an abstractionist for 40 years.
Jim Wrinkle's paintings present an unique approach to Abstract Illusionism.
Postwar New Mexico abstract painter.
Tony Berlant “Paints” with found object scraps of tin.
Terry Fenton's small landscapes embody aspects of “Color Field Painting.”
British artist .
Ralph Humphrey is an under rated 60's artist that painted important Lyrical Abstractionist pictures.
Larry Bell's shimmering vaporous glass boxes are nothing but lyrical, while using a 'hard' material, glass.
A Greenberger.
Keller is an abstract painter from Edmonton, Canada.
Minimalist Brice Marden pays his respects to Jackson Pollock.
Post-Abstract Expressionist/Stain Painter
Abstract Illusionist?
Pioneer abstractionist.
Ed Moses is the dean of Los Angeles painting.
Don Sorenson was a Los Angeles Artist who was committed to "all-over" abstractions during his shortened career.
Lyrical Abstractionist.
Vancouver artist Gregg Simpson is primarily a surrealist who has moved toward Lyrical Abstraction in the 90's.
LA artist paints with concrete and glass.
John Griefen vigorously paints all over paintings.
Sculptor who works in brightly painted lyrical steel works.
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