This group of artists is quite randomly, arbitrarily collected and includes work relating to Abstract Illusionism and Lyrical Abstraction. We have added some artists we admire, friends, students, amateurs who've contacted us by e-mail, true professionals, and some famous and well-known artists, plus a lot of images of work I really don't like, but find amusing or somewhat interesting, or shamelessly include when that artist sends me a donation. The NEW Artists Gallery features online displays of artists new to me.

Alphabetical Listing of all the artists on

Artists' e-mail addresses and web sites (where available)

Lindy Bradley (2)

Abstract flower photographer.

Judith Anderson

Natural observation meets artistic abstraction.

Hratch Israelian (2)

Paints the Industrial Revolution.

Rod Schneider


Christopher Dodds (2) (3)

Vista, Beginning, and Soul.

Michael Timothy McAlevey

Flow harmony.

Deepak Tandon

Rotating painting.

Maarten Jansen

Abstract painter.

Christopher Harrison

First love is painting.

Thibaut Dancette

French abstract artist.

Treacherous Landscapes from the newest generation.

Paints the physical, the emotional, the analytical, and the spiritual!

A circle is a circle.

New York Artist.

Just back from successful tour of new work in Philadelphia!

"The meaning . . . is painted in your mind."

Loves the biomorphic thing.

This style of art uses the overlaying of colors on geometrical planes to create spatial compositions that are very metaphoric and to some, abstruse.

One of my digital sculptures he made for Business and the Arts.

The more I paint the more I find abstraction be to everything.

Joyce's Art Pit with stars.

. . . a feeling of being suspended or floating.

Collects insects and other natural treasures.

Extends Pollock and Poons — A "New New" painter.

“I return to Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa), quite often, to charge my eyes....and my heart.”

Landscape inspired abstraction.

Emerging Abstract Expressionist.

West coast miminal painter.

PAINT is what it's all about for her.


Landscape based abstraction.

Geometry from Italy.

Lives and works in Australia.

Dutch volcano artist.

Santa Fe Abstract Expressionist.

The Puzzle Man.

Emerging artist working in Taos, NM.

Emerging hard-edge artist working in Los Angeles.

Emerging artist who left Taos for New York City. (Good luck!)

Paints a map of Orchil, Scotland

Parisian emerging artist.

"Silence in between the loud claps."

"uses too much color"

Luppis is a lyrical abstractionist who lives and works in Italy.

Artist specializing in pen work.

“Neo-Geo” abstract painter of the seventies.

"A range, tempo, and vibration in which the subconscious can best deliver itself."

"Explores the essential nature of action in a charged energy space…"

Abstractionist whose work is often inspired by nature.

". . . trying to remove the ego from my work."

"A Custom Advantage."

European Painter.

"Pictures are objects, the residue."

Dutch European Painter.

Spanish European Painter.

Lyrical Abstractionist.

Young Abstract Expressionist.

Young Abstract Expressionist.

Lyrical Abstractionist.

Combines an abstract, decorative style with contemporary influences.

Joe Novak is a Lyrical Abstractionist concerned with light and color. Lives in Sante Fe, NM.

Resides on Bowen Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

English teacher of art.

Religious Abstractionist.

Multimedia Jack Reilly does Abstract Illusionist paintings when he isn't making films or digital art.

Is a friendly sort of guy.

Canadian Iron Sculptor.

Ken Showell is a 60's artist that painted important Lyrical Abstractionist pictures.

self portrate.

Italian biomorphic abstractionist.

Canadian artist.

Clifford Singer paints math intensive Geometric Paintings.

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