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Reflections upon 911. . .
September 30, 2001

 For those of us living and working in the Boston area, the attacks on the World Trade Center bring not only a sense of grief at the immense loss of life, but also some sense of guilt that the perpretrators were able to so easily board the planes at Logan Airport. Two weeks before the event, my wife and I were sitting in Logan, waiting for my son and his new bride to arrive from their honeymoon. At the time, we marveled at the seeming disorganization and lack of security that appeared to prevail in the airport terminal. You can imagine our feelings on September 11 as we watched on television as the towers collapsed, and then learning afterward that the two planes had departed from Logan. I used to go to meetings at the towers, and lunches at the Windows on the World restaurant, when I was working for an engineering firm in New York.

 Our hearts go out to all of those who work and live in the nearby neighborhood, and to those who have lost friends and loved ones. There are no words to fully express those feelings, but I have included an image of a painting originally done as a tribute to the courage and strength of a young lady facing a life-threatening lymphatic cancer. The feelings and thoughts expressed there apply in a universal way, I think, to show an appreciation for those who were lost, the fortitude of those left who must go forward, and of those innocents who may be inadvertently affected by future terrorism and reprisals to terrorism.

 Leslie Lewis


Leslie Lewis, Susie Cross

Leslie Lewis
Susie Cross

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